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A Hotel room in the vibrant city of sofia

A comfortable investment can also be profitable. Invest now in Lions Bridge Hotel, the lifestyle hotel that uses enhanced technologies to provide its visitors with a more smooth and memorable stay.

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Bulgaria offers excellent investment opportunities for foreigners seeking to obtain dual residency or citizenship. 

Why invest in Bulgaria?

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invest in the Lions Bridge Project


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Invest in hotel rooms

When you invest in a hotel room you are not only signing your name on the land registry, but you are also investing in a business in one of the fastest-growing sectors in Bulgaria. Moreover, the return on the initial investment compared to other property investments is higher. A hotel room investment offers the investor a highly yielding rental income.

☺High yield (from 5% up to 8%)

Very little administration required

Certainty of income

Hotel management company takes care of all day to day procedures of running the hotel room

Protection of your capital

Passive income

Growth potential

Investing in real estate in Bulgaria is freehold and inheritable

No mortgage required


Lions Bridge Project